Motorbike Security Devices

Youles Motorcycles stock a range of motorcycle security products to help you keep your bike secure at all times. Unfortunately your motorcycle or scooter is desirable to thieves, so investing in quality security devices can help prevent it being stolen when left in various locations.

Safety options for your Motorcycles

Reality dictates that buying a lock is a very sensible thing to do. My advice is always lock your Motorcycle / Scooter. Never even leave it where you can see it with without at least a good quality disc lock on it. Your insurance excess is probably higher than the cost of a security device, so buying the best lock or locks you can possibly afford is well worth every penny.

Types of Security Products

At Youles Motorcycles we offer a range of security products for motorbikes from top brands such as Abus and Oxford. We use all our experience working with bikes to make sure we only stock quality products that will keep your bike safe:

How to lock a Motorcycle or Scooter

It is best to lock your motorcycle or scooter around the back wheel and to something secure like a fixed railing.

If you're out and about look for a solid fixing by the road to lock your bike or - if this isn’t available - then lock your bikes together. A bike that is covered as well as locked is much less likely to get stolen we stock a good range of bike covers.

If you're at home or your place of work seek permission to fit a ground anchor and lock your Motorcycle or Scooter to this. Don't forget to put the steering lock on as well.

The idea is that the harder you make it the less likely it is to be your bike that is stolen as the thief will just move onto the next machine.

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You’ll also be glad to know that both our Blackburn and Manchester stores have secure hoop railings at the front of the store by the entrance, meaning you can have peace of mind when you pay us a visit!

Alongside our motorcycle security products, we also bike maintenance products, motorbike accessories and brand-specific Triumph Clothing and Accessories.

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