Schuberth GmbH is a German producer of safety helmets, producing combat helmets for Bundeswehr, protective headgear for Formula One, motorcycles and industrial workers. The company was founded in 1922 in Braunschweig, in Lower Saxony, and has been producing safety helmets for 90 years. Schuberth is currently based in Magdeburg and employs about 300 employees, producing 1.5 million helmets each year.

Once you've had a Schuberth you very rarely go back to something else. The fit and noise reduction in a Schuberth is second to none. One of the big surprises is the increased peripheral vision. Also the anti roll off straps that stop the helmet rolling off are that extra bit of safety that other helmets just don't offer. Michael Schumacher worked for years with Schuberth in the development of there helmets this speaks volumes about the quality build of Schuberth helmets.

Youles Motorcycles Blackburn Lancashire and Manchester have been stockists of Schuberth Helmets for over fiteen years and rate the Schuberth as one of the best helmets on the market. The Schuberth Helmet is one of the quiestest Helmets on the market and is such a good fit. Talking of fitting here at Youles Motorcycles we are trained to ensure your helmet fits perfectly.