New Scooters for Sale in Blackburn and Manchester

We have a wide selection of constantly changing used scooters for sale in Blackburn and Manchester. If you are looking for a second hand scooter in the North West, Lancashire or Manchester, our showrooms are conveniently located, with ample parking and open 7 days a week.

Scooters are an excellent way of commuting they save time and give a level freedom that public transport has no chance of competing with. Scooters are often easy to park and environmentally friendly, they take up less space on the road. Youles Motorcycles can guide you through the licensing requirements and arrange your cbt.

If you hold a full car license then once you’ve completed your cbt the full moped licence is activated on your license. Piaggio Vespa and Aprilia Scooters are manufactured to the highest standards and come fully backed with a manufacturer warranty.

Youles Motorcycles have been agents for Piaggio Vespa and Aprillia Scooters since 1977. Youles Motorcycles can arrange monthly payments on your scooter tailored to meet your requirements. Very often a scooter will be more economical than public transport. Vespa is the most iconic Scooter in the world and Youles Motorcycles are proud to be associated with this cool brand

You can browse the majority of our new scooters on our website or, if you live in the North West, you can visit our showrooms in Blackburn, Lancashire and Manchester where our friendly team will help you choose your scooter and give any information you require.

Piaggio, Vespa & Gilera Scooters for Sale

With smaller motors and lower top speeds than motorbikes, scooters are a great choice for starting out in the world of two-wheeled motor transport. This is especially true if you are 16, with smaller motors (under 125cc) suitable for teenagers at this age who have passed their CBT certificate. If you are thinking of getting your full motorbike license in time, then a year or so on a scooter is a great apprenticeship before you opt for more power and speed. Scooters are also highly fuel efficient, helping with high fuel costs which you don’t want at a young age.

That said, you don’t need to be on the younger end of the spectrum to ride a scooter, with the stylish looks and ability to manoeuvre easily through traffic meaning they are a popular means of transport in Britain. Vespa scooters in particular have an iconic design which makes them the envy of motorists everywhere.

As well as our selection of new scooters for sale in Blackburn & Manchester, we also offer used scooters and scooter servicing. If you are thinking about a motorbike instead, take a look at our used motorbikes for sale. If you have any questions, please get in touch today.As officially authorised scooter dealers we offer the whole package for scooter riders. We can arrange your new scooter purchase, insurance, finance, helmet, clothing and training.