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Customer Stories

We have just received this update from Youles customer Emma who is thoroughly enjoying her 70th Anniversary Primavera
Morning Stan
A little story about Bella my Vespa Primavera 125 Limited Edition for 70th Anniversary.
Bella was purchased from Youles on 1st August 2016 and it was the best purchase I ever made. The fun times we've had so far she has given me a new lease of life, I'm back in the saddle (so to speak ) after having two thoroughbred horses I decided to go for something a little less challenging yet exciting, quirky, fun & my freedom again.
Bella & I enjoyed our ride out to Ambleside in September to watch The Tour of Britain, following Wiggy round the circuit finishing in Kendal, then returned home to let her rest and dry off after it being a bit damp and a wet day but it didn't stop us. I calculated a cost of £3.50 in fuel! Even better for my purse.
The next interesting ride out was Rivington Barn near Bolton, well my Little Bella pulled up, her Azure Blue in colour shone out loud in the smoky grey sky as the hairy bikers revved up their bikes said well, “well what do we have here”. I loved it, she looked so delicate & dainty compared to the bigger boys bikes. One rider was so impressed he said "I can tell you’re a woman, it has to all match". I looked like I should have been on Bikers Weekly for Yuppies! Even though I say it myself, matching helmet, azure blue, brown leather case matching the seat, of course brown leather jacket. I stood out a mile from the dark smoky colours in Rivington. I felt quite different and little out of my comfort zone. It was quite daunting however I thought no come on you’re ok. We both met some wonderful people and amazing bikes, Triumph included.
Another quirky ride out was to Hebden Bridge, a smooth ride into the Valley, cold yet sunny day. I was excited to pass a group of Scooter Riders on the opposite side of which they all hooted and gave 'The Nod' to the right, I have learnt this to perfection now.
Bella & I are thoroughly enjoying our time together, I would advise anyone to give it a go, life is for living, do it and do it now. I wish I learnt to ride a Vespa years ago.
Thanks to Philip Youles and his team Stan especially as he knows how persistent I am. He was so helpful, patient, caring and understanding of my needs and the Service Team for taking care of Bella on her first Service and giving her a polish.
My next mission, a trip for Vespa to install small bottles of gin in Bella, rude not to.
Thank you
Emma & Bella

P.S my next mission is Selection Box Scooter Ride to Preston Hospital for Christmas & a trip to the Isle of Man in Spring. I will update you how I went on.


Well we made it home in one piece!!! We had a good ride around the block at Youles and then headed off home. All was well and it was a completely different experience driving/riding the Vespas after learning on the Zips I can tell you. A very enjoyable ride that’s for sure.

We followed on our riding over the weekend to Southport on Sat and then out over the West Pennine Moors and back to Chorley on Sun. On Monday we went to the Saracens Head pub in Halsall (between Formby and Ormskirk) which is a nice canalside pub and defo worth a ride out if you ever wanted a nice ride out and a bite to eat.
Anyway, really enjoying the Vespas…best thing we’ve done for a long time and I wish we’d done this years ago.
The bikes themselves are brilliant…very, very pleased with them.
On a personal note….I’d like to thank you so much for your advice, patience (with two novice riders) and your help generally. You made our purchase so much easier and a real pleasure. Your questioning and advice from the outset was superb. I was dead set on two PX125’s but having spoken to you…you immediately highlighted to me that had I made that choice it would have been the wrong thing to do. The GTS and Primavera are 100% spot on for what Sarah and I need….and we love them.
Whilst nerves were apparent on Friday on pick up….the whole experience with Youles and yourself in particular was really excellent. Sarah and I really appreciate your support, patience and indeed friendship to be honest. Thank you!
Anyway mate, I know I am adding another e-mail to your 38-40 e-mails a day but I just had to thank you in writing.
No doubt we will see you again soon….probably at first service interval!
Thanks Jason…
Sincere regards,
Pete Gronback


Hi, my name is Dave Lee, and I have been riding bikes since 2007, and Triumphs since 2012.

My first Triumph was a black 2009 Sprint ST, but after quite a few European tours, it was getting a bit long in the tooth, so this year I treated myself to a 2019 Tiger 800 XRT in Cobalt Blue, sold to me by Haydn at Youles in Manchester.

I am a member of Bristol Advanced Motorcyclists, and a volunteer rider for Freewheelers Emergency Volunteer Service, our local Blood Bikes charity.

Along with a group of like-minded colleagues at work (Virgin Media) I had a week long biking holiday to France in 2007. That holiday turned into a bit of a tradition (or is it a habit), and now we, Virgin Bikers as we call ourselves, do it every year. We’ve been to various destinations in France and Germany including Epinal, Trier and Koblenz, the aim being to find challenging twisties, good food and cool beer (obviously not all at the same time!).

I’m just back from this year’s trip, the first on the Tiger, which was back to Koblenz which I would highly recommend as a biker destination as it offers a variety both long fast sweeping curves along the banks of the Rhine or the Moselle and tight narrow hairpins up in the hills. It’s also close to the famous Nürburgring if anyone fancies taking their chances on a bike – none of our group did on the day we visited as it was mixed bikes and cars, and the car drivers weren’t taking prisoners.

As for the Tiger, I was very impressed. It not only coped effortlessly fully loaded on the journey there and back, but held its own in the hairpins against its bigger German and Japanese counterparts. Compared to the Sprint it was much better equipped of course, but it felt more comfortable to ride (no more aching neck at the end of the day), and easier to ride through the bends.

Next year we will be heading for Trier – will I still be on the Tiger?