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On the Subject of Motorcycle Helmets


Thought I'd catch up with the subject of helmets.

My Schuberth as used on the LDU (see below for full explanation of LDU) has been getting tired for quite sometime but its an old friend. The lining has been washed a couple of times. My inability to use a washing machine has required me to hand wash it in the sink but that's just me making sure I don't learn how to operate the white god that sits in the utility room.

It has been dropped. I do a lot of miles and as careful as I am it has had a slight amount of misuse. Its been on several flights probably covered nearly a hundred thousand miles and been used in snow and on blistering summer days. It just feels right; like the coat that you walk the dog in.

Alas its probably past its best and ready for replacement. Lets be honest, its not a very good advert if I don't wear a helmet that looks at least safe.

I have tried other manufacturers over the years but just keep going back to Schuberth. I asked Wayne the Scuberth rep if he could supply me with a free helmet. Well that wasn't going to happen but to be fair he did sort me out a little bit of extra love on an S2 Sport in matt black

The Scuberth S Sport Motorcycle Helmet.

I know my size, but still tried a couple on in the shop and although I'm normally a 58 the 56/57 just seemed that bit more snug. So I went for that. Fitting helmets is always odd, when someone try's one on in store they often say its too tight and then try the next size up, saying "oh yes that's right" but often it can appear a bit to easy when looking from the outside in.

Motorcycle Helmets basically need to be snug and you want to make sure there is no possibility of the helmet coming off at the point of needing it. But too tight and its going to hurt, too slack and it will become sloppy. I look for it pressing firmly on my scull cap but not to the point of leaving an impression. Cheeks can be really tight as within reason they don't hurt and generally they give a bit in time.

Had my first ride to Manchester in it this afternoon as we are having a quick run round the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride tonight just so all the marshals know exactly where they are going. Funny really because if its a nice day I'll be doing the DGR in my Davida The Davida Jet Gloss Black Open Face Helmet

Davida is my Classic bike helmet I use it on the Matchless as well as when I toured Europe on my Honda PC 50 with Joe. I am not so keen on an open face in the rain but they are beautiful on a hot summers day.
Helmets are like motorcycles themselves you do need a selection.
But back to the Shuberth it still smells new and doesn't yet fit like the one I've come to love. Its starting to bed in nicely though and I recon in a week or two and after a couple of long rides it will be snug as. I will of course keep you updated.


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