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A Triumph Trophy Blog

This is the start of a 6 month adventure for me as I’m actually owned by Triumph but I have been sent up to Manchester to be loaned to David Raymonde until October after he was the lucky winner of a competition that was on the Trophy mini-site around the time of the Trophy launch.Youles have PDI’d me ready for the handover and something is happening as Robert (the Youles Manager) is now moving me out of the showroom and demonstrating my controls, so I guess this must be David.Before leaving a quick picture is taken of me (although for some reason David & Robert are stood behind me, shaking hands with massive sh*t eating grins) and that picture is soon going to be on the Youles website, so everyone can see me and my nice blue paintwork.Engine on, mirrors adjusted and we’re setting off. A left turn out of the Car Park and we’re heading towards Manchester. As we go along the A56 the traffic lights turn red and we slow down, noooooo…..I’m not going to slow much if you use the rear brake buddy, there’s 293Kg of me , better get used to the fact pretty quickly that I’m a big, heavy boy!
We head off round Manchester’s inner ring road and then start to go to my new home (for the next 6 months) in Bury. I’m limited to 3500 revs for the first100 miles so I’m being rather sedate at the moment. Not much fun cruising on the motorway at around 65mph!
Just before we get home we pull over to be introduced to a Kawasaki SX1000 and it’s owner and near neighbour, Mike. They seem very interested in hearing the story of how David’s riding me and we arrange to go out for a ride together later that week.
When we eventually get home I’m pleased to see another Triumph (a Sprint ST) stood in the garage waiting to greet me. Soon the family all come out to meet me and I’m the subject of much discussion before they all go and leave me in peace.

Wednesday 17th April
As my new rider wasn’t too well since collecting me, I’ve been left alone in the garage chatting to my new mate, the Sprint and finding out about life in the household. It appears that David is an enthusiastic biker and is a member of the East Lancs TOMCC as well as an Observer for the RAMbikers (local IAM group) so I’m going to get out and about a fair bit in the next 6 months. His family occasionally ride pillion so it looks like my comfortable rear seat is going to get some action as well.

Anyway I’m keen to get properly run in so we set off for a ride, which apparently is one of the routes David uses whilst observing for the IAM and have a 50 mile jaunt to Blackburn via Farmers Glory Road and then back via the Grane Road. Not bad, I’ve now got 80 miles on the clock so a few more miles and I’ll be able to start making it to 70mph on the motorway.

Thursday 18th April
I’m off again. We meet up with Mike and his Kwacker but have to be back for 1pm. Mike is happy to follow so we set off towards Chorley and potter around some of the rather nice Lancashire countryside before ending up in Blackburn where we make a few little detours around the rather badly signposted town, before heading back via the Grane Road again. Much to everyone’s surprise it’s bang on 1pm when we arrive and I’m now run in (well first stage anyway) and ready to start showing off my many attributes.
I think David s still getting used to riding me as I know I’m a very different ride to the Sprint but he is very complimentary about my handling, although concerned about how he’d manoeuvre me if he parks me in the wrong place. A little forethought may be required here.

Saturday 20th April
Oh goodee I’m going out again as I spot David in his kit come into the garage. What’s this, he’s got on the Sprint and disappeared, hmmm.
Aaah, I get it, he was just teasing me as he’s back quite soon and hops off the Sprint and we go for a nice ride over the West Pennine moors before heading back via Elland and Sowerby Bridge. My goodness there are some great roads to ride round here. I’ve now got about 180 miles on the clock and still not been to a petrol station, not bad eh?

Sunday 21st April
We’re off bright and early to get to Sudden, Rochdale where the RAMbikers meet and as I pull into the car park I can see the admiring looks of the many bikes and their riders gathered awaiting their Sunday morning ride.
One of the members has spotted my photograph on the Youles websiteand comes over to talk to David greeting him with a friendly “You lucky Bastard – how the hell did you win that?” but he hadn’t read the full story and didn’t realise I’m just around for 6 months rather than forever. There’s a lot of discussion about my good looks and relative merits and a couple of comments about my similarity to a certain BMW model (I can’t see it myself, I’m far better looking than those German types) and a few riders sit on me and can see how comfortable I am.

After a little while we set off for the ride and David is out with an Associate who’s on his second observed run. It turns out to be a pretty uneventful ride as the Associate rides very well and there’s only a couple of minor things for David to comment upon before we go our separate ways. I call into the local petrol station as my fuel light has been showing for the last 30-40 miles so I should be near to bone dry but David only manages to get 21.5 litres into my 26 litre tank so……..
Wednesday 24th April
Unfortunately things like work have stopped David taking me out for a few days and as he works from home I’ve not even got a daily commute to look forward to, bummer! Anyway it’s evening time and we’re off to meet my fellow TOMCC (East Lancs) bikes and their riders. I’d been spotted on the Youles website by TOMCC membership secretary John, who had advised all the members about me so I was expecting all of them to turn out to see me “in the flesh”
Well t here were quite a few there but only two other Triumphs, what is the world coming to when a bike club don’t bring their bikes to a Club night? Anyway most of the club took a good look over me, not difficult as I was parked right next to the pub and there was some good natured ribbing of David and his good fortune in having me for the best part of the biking year.

Friday 26th April
I was supposed to be going out with the Kwacker and Mike yesterday but it was pretty wet and miserable so none of us really fancied a ride but it seemed quite a nice day so after David had finished raking and cutting the back garden we all decided an afternoon out would be good.
Once again we set off without too much idea where we’d end up but we decided to head towards the Peak District so off onto the M60 and them went via Marple and eventually ended up in Matlock, where we stopped whilst the riders had a drink in the Cafe in the park and we stood in front of the Ford Dealer attracting admiring looks from some of their staff.
We set off back and headed for the A537 (the Cat & Fiddle road) which is a nice technical run apart from the blasted average speed cameras positioned along most of the road. We needed a stop as the Kwacker was running out of juice whilst my 26 litre tank is still half full. Must be getting around 55+mpg at the moment which is not bad at all eh?
Apart from a couple of fairly heavy showers the weather’s remained pretty good the whole time we’ve been out and we get back around 6pm and I’ve now got 382 miles on the clock.
My first service is due at 500 miles so it’s a good job I’m already booked in for this on May 7th.

Monday 30th April
Well I’m a bit p****d off. I’ve been stood in the garage all weekend and it was pretty good biking weather. I’m getting used to this regular riding and now I’ve been moping around whilst David’s has been cutting grass and stuff then playing tennis when we could have been off having fun, hmmph! Then on Sunday he disappeared off for the whole day, WTF!!!!
Anyway it’s early Monday and we’re going out.It’s a bit blowy but not too bad and we’re heading for Widnes as there’s a meeting with one of his colleagues to talk about boring work. Anyway I demonstrate my motorway mile munching abilities on the way there and then get the usual compliments on my good looks from his colleague before we set off back via a diversion on some country roads then head into Manchester for a brief meeting before going home. Another 80-90 miles on the clock and a quick top up with some more fuel so maybe we’re off again soon?

Wednesday 1st May
It was a pretty nice day yesterday but events apparently overtook David as he’d told me we’d be out again soon but maybe he meant today as it’s just gone 1pm and we’re getting ready. A quick check of my tyre pressures and I need a little bit of air in both and we’re off.
What’s this we’ve barely gone a mile and I’ve been pulled over and he’s stood next to me playing with his phone, aah he’s doing something to record our route using the REALRIDER® app that he’s testing.
Well this is fun, it’s a pleasant day and we’re heading off for the Ponderosa Cafe and once we get off the Motorway it’s a very nice run along the A49 before we cut off and head for Malpas and eventually reach Llangollen and then it’s on to the Horseshoe Pass and a stop for a little break for me and a warm cup of tea for David. Quite a few bikes here, though apparently it’s really busy at weekends. After half an hour or so we’re just getting ready to head off when a couple of bikers stop to ask about me and what I’m like to ride. I’m pleased to say David is very complimentary about me so reward him with an uneventful ride back home and we get there just before 6pm even with another top up of my tank so I’m ready for more rides. As I’ve got now 632 miles on the odometer and I know I’m out on Sunday and Monday we’ll have to be careful as we were warned not to exceed 900 iles before that first service on Tuesday!

In case anyone’s interested that REALRIDER® app seemed to record our outward journey fine but the phone ran out of battery life partway through our return trip so that app must use a lot of battery.

Thursday 2nd May
I’m being wheeled out of the garage but he’s not got any biking kit on. Am I being put on display for some more admirers I wonder. It’s a nice sunny day and …..bloody hell, that’s cold……..you really didn’t need to spray that there did you? Ok, ok splash it on all over then but it’s not Brut but some warm and soapy water. Yes you’ve guessed it……I’m getting a wash so soon I’m nice and sparkling but why not use some warm water out of that flipping hosepipe?

Sunday 5th May
It’s been a bit miserable for the last couple of days and it seems there’s been a few things stopping us getting out and about, like work, tennis, wedding receptions etc. but even though it’s a bit damp this morning we’re off to Sudden to meet up with the RAMBikers and hopefully another IAM Observed run. Not as many bikes here as last time, in fact we’re a little short of Observers today but we set off with a First time rider who turns out to be very good indeed and the damp conditions have lifted and it’s quite pleasant for most of the time we’re out. After we’ve finished I thought we might be going out for a bit longer but apparently there’s some other bikes racing round Jerez, so we need to get back to watch that.

Monday 6th May
Well it’s a lovely day today, I can feel the sun even though I’m in the garage and I’m looking forward to a ride with the East Lancs TOMCC later, as we’re going to Lytham this evening. Apparently the car parks are only open to bikes on a Monday evening so there should be a lot of bikes there and lots of bikers to look at me!
Wow! There must have been about 18 of us setting off from Youles at Blackburn this evening. It was really warm and even though it was about 4:45pm seemed to get warmer as we headed off to Lytham. We got there just before 6pm and there were already a large number of bikes parked in the car parks but it’s 6:30pm before no cars are allowed on a Monday night, not that there was much room for them when we arrived. We parked up and then everyone went off to do their own thing, primarily getting something to eat/drink and then admiring the many bikes and there were some real beauties to admire.
We decided to set off back around 8pm and had a pretty uneventful journey home although there was a lot of traffic around Preston but we all successfully filtered past and it wasn’t long before we were back home.
Once again David used the REALRIDER® app to record our routes and he really appreciated the 12V socket in my lockable stowage box as that allowed me to keep his phone charged and we therefore successfully recorded both of the trips…..result!
Now got 772 miles on the clock and off for my first service tomorrow.

Tuesday 7th May
Not too early a start as we head off to Youles Manchester to get my bits checked out for the first service. It’s a lovely sunny day and really we should be going out exploring somewhere but apparently this service is really required before I do 900 miles so that’s that.
We arrive and while David is chatting to the staff one of the mechanics comes and rolls me into the workshop and I’m soon getting treated by the experienced Youles service team.
In the meantime they’ve loaned David a Street Triple as I know he’s got to get back to some work. I bet he finds that a real contrast after riding me!
Well I’m back in my garage now having passed all the diagnostic tests, I’ve got nice new engine oil and filter and my final drive oil renewed and I’m all set for a good feqw thousand miles now. David had wondered why my grips were so cold when the switch for them was turned on high and the mechanic explained that the heated grips weren’t actually fitted even though the switch is there, doh! (I could have told him that if only he’d asked ).
Why Triumph don’t factory fit this as standard on bikes like me is a mystery to us.
Anyway 802 miles now and I sit here wondering what’s next on the Agenda.

Saturday 11th May
What’s next on the Agenda was to leave me stood in the garage doing nowt for 4 days although it has been pretty miserable as I can hear the rain p***ing down in here.
Anyway I got all excited as David pumped up my tyres and checked me over but then he disappeared and left me, bah!

Sunday 12th May
I know now why I was sorted out yesterday, it’s cos’ we’re off bright and early for a ride to Barn Farm at Kendal and we stop briefly at Haslingden to top up my tank so that we’ll have no difficulty with the journey. We meet five other bikes from East Lancs TOMCC and then ably led by Webmaster Dave Shaw we set off and soon we’re enjoying a very scenic ride as we head off up to Devil’s Bridge. Whilst it’s not too warm and it’s a bit overcast the rain holds off on this part of our journey. There’s a Trophy SE here and it’s owner comes across for a chat on the mutual benefits of owning a Trophy, he’s only done 1200 miles so it’s new to him too and he used to have a Sprint ST! We all agree that I’m a very good handling bike, easy to ride and very comfortable.
Then it’s on to Barn Farm which is just past Kendal on the way to Windermere. We stop for a while here and they’re all scoffing bacon butties while I’m parked up with a number of other bikes and getting some admiring looks again. Once they’re all fed we head off back home via Caton and the Trough of Bowland but it’s a miserable afternoon now, wet and cold and we’ll all be pleased when we get home which we do about 2:45pm.

Into the garage and a quick wipe don to get the worst of the wet off and I’ve now got 948 miles on the clock. Not too bad a time for my first four weeks eh!?

Saturday 18th May
Well I am not amused. I’ve been stood in the garage all week doing nothing and I believe David has been up in Scotland and I could have been tootling around all those great riding roads so a bit p**d off really. Wheeling me out of the garage and giving me a good wash is no substitute for being ridden and just as I’m getting dried it starts to rain and it’s back in the garage, blast!

Sunday 19th May
A bit better today, we went off to the RAMBikers but there were a lot of Observers there so instead of doing an observed run we went out with three other Advanced Riders for a trip across the Moors, round to Sowerby and then across Blackstone Edge before dropping into Rochdale for a coffee then home. A pleasant little run for a Sunday morning. 1017 miles on the clock now. Hope I’m going to get out and about this week though.

Wednesday 22nd May
That’s better, a little bit of sun and we’re off. Hmm, I seem to remember some of this route, we’re off over the Moors again but this time we drop into Ripponden and I’m parked up for a while. Some talk about getting a new car, must be for the Missus ‘cos surely David won’t want to wadte his time on a car when he’s got me? Back home via Blackstone Edge so not a big run out but I think I’m going out again this evening as it’s the East Lancs TOMCC meeting.
Yessss………we’re off again and it doesn’t take long before we’re outside the King Edward VII in Blackburn for the meet. Tonight one of the Senior Observers from the RAMBikers is giving a talk on the benefits of the IAM riding course and the presentation seems to go down well so perhaps we’ll have a few more of the TOMCC over in Rochdale soon.
It’s after 10pm before we set off for home and I know David appreciates just how my headlight lights up the road, especially when he can flick it on to full beam, it’s a bit windy now but being the big heavy beast that I am, it don’t bother me much and soon we’re home and with 1091 on the clock it’s time to rest.

Saturday 25th May
What a nice day it is and we’re off out this morning for a morning ride. It seems we’re trying to find a pub that they’re off to on Tuesday (am I going too?). Well we find it in the village of Barley and then carry on through the Pendle hills and there’s some really glorious scenery to look at so we’re just pootling along enjoying the ride. My goodness some of these roads are pretty narrow so if a car comes the other way he’s gonna have so reversing to do ‘cos there’s not room for both of us. What with the gravel in the middle of the road we seem to be in the middle of nowhere and from the odd exclamation I can hear, I’m not sure if David knows where we are either. Eventually we emerge in the Lancashire village of Chatburn and from there we hop onto the A59 to Gisburn and then across the hills via Blacko to Barrowford then home as I believe someone’s off to tennis at llunchtime. Not a lot of miles but a good couple of hours sees me with 1158 on the mileomenter.

Sunday 26th May
Off again and another lovely day, it’s not quite 9am and already my temperature gauge tells us it’s 13C, not bad. We’re off to the RAMBikers and today we go out with an Associate for an Observed ride. A fill up at the end of the ride and it’s another 19 litres in and it was 200 miles since my last top up. I’m hoping that I might be going out again later but instead I hear the lawnmower starting up, so I guess that’s it for today. Hope the weather’s ok tomorrow as I believe I’m about to carry my first pillion if it is! 1216 miles now.

Monday 27th May
Yes! Result! My first time with a pillion on board and it’s the lovely wife. The weather wasn’t too promising, a lot of cloud about but we set off just after 10:30 am and made our way on a round trip through Bolton, Chorley, Preston before setting off back via the A59. Out for about 2 hours although not a lot of ground covered as I’ve now done 1281 miles. Never mind, the verdict is that I’m a very comfortable and secure ride, so job done and we’re off to Leeds all together on Friday and hopefully some more outings before that if it doesn’t p**s down all the time!

Friday 31st May
It’s only 9am but I can already feel the sun warming up the air and I think I’m going to be going out soon……….and yes, within the hour we’re all getting ready and here we go, another 2 up trip and we go on a venture across the Moors via Denshaw to Huddersfield and then looping round to Dewsbury before heading into Leeds and we pull up outside our friends house spot on 11:30. We stop here for a good few hours whilst my passengers are eating, drinking and generally having a good time and then we head back taking a different route via Bradford to Keighley before again heading into the hills to Hebden Bridge via Oxenhope. As the time is pushing on and they’re off out later we head straight home and I’ve now got 1389 showing.

Saturday 1st June
Another nice day, though a little colder than yesterday and I’m off again as we pop into town to visit the bank, apparently they’ve sold a car and then we go round to fill up my tank, I wonder where we’re off to? Bloomin’ nowhere is where, I’m back in the garage and after a short while David’s back again but he hops on the Sprint and disappears. Bah!

Sunday 2nd June
Here we go, here we go. We’re off to the Ponderosa Cafe with the Blackburn RAT pack and East Lancs TOMCC this morning. It’s sunny when we set off though there’s some dark grey clouds about but hopefully it’ll turn into a nice day. We arrive in Blackburn and blow me, there’s quite a lot of bikes here and a good few new faces. It’s nice to see so many here, although it’s going to be a challenge with this many bikes to keep us all together and I guess we’ll be taking it quite steady. Tony leads us off and sure enough, doesn’t set too fast a pace as he wants to make sure everyone gets to our destination. We take a quick stop en-route and there’s a whole load of scooters there from Stoke. Goodness they’re a smelly lot those scooters! Then it’s off again to the Cafe and we get there a little after midday and it’s pretty busy with a lot of bikes here today.
We don’t stop too long, although there’s time for some lunch but David’s off out this evening and needs to get back, so we say a fond farewell to our companions and head off home. As we’re on our own we’re able to have a bit of a blast on the return journey and even though we stop for a refuel we’re back before 3pm and there’s now 1579 on the dial.
Tuesday 4th June
There’s been a bit of excitement in the house today as it seems that someone is celebrating a birthday and they’re planning a trip to Manchester, so I guess I’m going to be stuck here when it’s a lovely bright, sunny day and I could be off touring around, bah!
Oops, I spoke too soon. Early afternoon and here comes David all togged up in his leathers and ……… yes, we’re off. A quick run over to Youles in Blackburn (can’t understand what he’s doing here, surely he doesn’t need another bike and there’s nowt wrong with me!) and after a little while we’re off and heading through Wigglesworth and following the signs to Settle. It’s a glorious day and it’s really pleasant as we potter along through the countryside. I can tell that he’s pretty impressed with just how well I handle for a big bike, as we seem to be riding at a pretty good pace for the journey. Eventually we come to the A65 and then we head off towards Kendal. A stop for a cup of tea at Devil’s Bridge is clearly called for and then it’s off back towards home through the Forest of Bowland. My goodness there’s some hefty bumps in the road on this route. Good job there’s no pillion or we might have left them in mid air along here .
Anyway we’ve had a great time and I’m clocking up the miles to 1685 now.
Sunday 9th June
We’re off again. One of the IAM Observers has arranged a general rideout today and we’re heading off to meet at Rising Bridge McDonalds before we head off to Hawes. The weather doesn’t seem too bad at all and there’s a pretty good turnout. Come 10am and we’re off with a quick pickup at Boundary Mill, Colne for other riders who are joining us. We’re heading along at a steady pace and I’m a little behind Geoff who’s leading us. There’s not a lot to report as it’s just a nice, pleasant ride through the countryside. There are a lot of roads that seem to be being re-surfaced but they’re using the cheapo method of tarmac and loose chippings and this still seems to leave a fairly bumpy passage rather than doing a proper job. At one point we’re all overtaken by a total nob in an Audi R8, who’s screaming past all of us and then proceeded to overtake a line of cars in a no overtaking zone and not far from a blind bend. Presumably he’ll soon be utilising the services of the North Yorks Ambulance Service!
We arrive at Hawes and find a convenient parking spot. The weather has got better and it’s quite pleasant now and there’s a lot of bikes here. Fortunately the cafe isn’t too busy so after suitable refreshments for David and the others we’re heading back via Settle, Wigglesworth etc.
We have an interesting moment at a Z bend and bridge where a car coming towards us thinks it’s a good idea to try to take the bend on the wrong side of the road, which is just where I am! I’m pleased to say that my rather good handling abilities come to the fore and we twitch our way out of trouble though I wonder if he’d have clipped my panniers if we’d not left them at home. Still he didn’t connect and after that we just have a safe and steady ride back home and we’re home around 2:30pm and there’s now 1823 clocked on.
Wednesday 12th June
After some really good weather recently it’s taken a turn for the worse but it’s not as bad as forecast and there’s a bit of a debate going on as to whether I’m getting ridden today or not.
Yippee! It seems the 2 wheel debate has been decided and we’re going to Harrogate two up! As we head up the A56 there’s some extremely dark clouds ahead so we decide to divert along the M65 to Colne and then across country to Skipton (pretty much the route we took on Sunday) and then from Skipton (which was the only point we encountered rain), we dashed along the A59 and straight to our friends house. It was a really quick run today and then I could stanfd on their drive and be admired for a while before being left for most of the day.
Having been quite pleasant for most of the afternoon, I was wondering when we’d be heading home and suddenly the dark clouds were overhead and it was p***ing down. Hmm I thought, the pillion’s not going to be too pleased if this keeps up. Fortunately by the time we’re ready to go (just after 7pm) the rain’s stopped though we do hit a couple of fairly heavy showers on the way back.
It’s only an hour or so till we reach home and that’s despite being stuck behind a rather slow lorry for a while without any opportunity to pass, but overall a good run home and we’re back and looking forward to our next adventure. 1930 miles now so looking forward to soon clocking up my second thousand.
Sunday 15th June
Here we go, here we go, here we go again! 
What the F***. Mexy as I call him (the Sprint has Reg starting MX) is being wheeled out and I’m not going anywhere apparently. Well maybe it’s just a short run to give him a blast before we go off for our usual Sunday jaunt………………………..
Apparently not as nearly 9 hours later he’s back and tells me he’s been on a TOMCC run to St,. Bees, 260 mile round trip, well I’m well p**d off and good to see David’s walking like someone’s stuck a sharp object up his rear end, wouldn’t have happened if you’d taken me mate!
Monday 16th June
Maybe today we’re going somewhere as my panniers are getting loaded? Yes we are but it’s just a trip over to Widnes as part of the “Ride to Work Day”. We take a bit of a diversion on the way back through Bolton but it’s mainly a trundle along the Motorway and the only good news is I’ve just reached the magic 2000 miles just before we pull into the garage.
Thursday 20th June
A couple of days not doing anything but today I’m off with the Kwacker and he’s choosing the route. I was filled up with fuel on the way back from Widnes on Monday but the Kwacker needs some petrol so we call in to Tesco just after setting off. It’s very overcast and as we get to Tesco there’s some raindrops appearing on my screen but by the time we get to Rochdale it seems to have stopped and soon we’re wending our way out through Littleborough, Todmorden, Keighley before eventually pulling in for a break in Grassington.
We ride around the village trying to find a convenient parking space until I make the decision to follow the parking signs and pull into the rather spacious car park which has a specially designated area for me (and other motorbikes) and we don’t have to pay to park….quite rightly! Whilst we’re waiting to set off home it gets very overcast again and there’s a touch of rain again but soon it starts brightening up.
We take a country route back and some of these roads have to be ridden carefully as there’s definitely not room to pass any cars coming the other way. We head into Skipton and then across the hills to Colne before a final M65 blast to head back home. Although we’ve been out a good few hours we’ve not covered a lot of distance so now there’s 2108 on the dial.
Friday 21st June
Oh joy! It’s another dose of cold water and some soap suds for me and Mexy, though he’s the grubby one after that ride on Sunday. Probably getting me nice and sparkling for some adventures this weekend.
Wednesday 26th June
Well my grunt has been truly dissled.
There I am all ready to go somewhere on Sunday and then I hear voices outside the garage and the next thing I hear they’re off in the car to meet some friends in long Eaton and I’m going nowhere. I know it’s chucking it down but so what……
At least I’m going somewhere today, though it’s a bit early for the TOMCC meet as it’s around 7pm. Off we trot through Helmshore and then to Barrowford then over the hill to Gisburn. It’s quite a pleasant evening and we get onto the A59 and aim for Blackburn. We get there just after 8pm and it’s nice to see a few bikes here today rather than just me. There’s a rather nice Rocket next to me and I believe he’s only just been bought but as he’s an ex Demonstrator he’s had quite a few riders already.
A pleasant evening out and another 60 miles added.
Thursday 27th June
It’s Thursday and that seems to be rideout with the Kwacker day and here we are together and heading off to North Wales for a change of scenery. It’s quite a warm day but as we head along the M62 I can see some dark clouds ahead and hope it’s not going to start raining too heavily.
Once we reach the end of the M62 we head along the A494 then A55 but after a while we divert off towards the Coast Road (A548) and are heading towards Prestatyn. It’s started raining a bit more now and by the time we get to Mostyn we’re trying to find somewhere to get a drink. We pull into a little pub car park and by the time our riders emerge it’s absolutely p’ing down and we all decide to head off home by the quickest route.
It’s a very unpleasant journey back as the spray is making visibility quit poor although there are some right nutters around, driving far too close to the vehicle in fronty. Don’t they know it takes longer to stop in these conditions?
Still we make it back just before 3pm and whilst I’m dripping wet I can see all the bike gear also dripping as it’s hanging up in the garage with me.
Up to 2334 miles now.

Sunday 30th June
An IAM ride today and despite there being a lot of Observers and not many Associates I’m off on a ride and we take our normal route, have a pretty uneventful ride and I’m home for 1pm and with 2395 miles completed.
I was hoping for some more rides this week but it seems the Boss has put her foot down and they’re off to the Lake District in the car rather than on me. Boo!

Saturday 5th July
So nearly a week stuck in the garage but listening to the Fiesta talking about the state of parts of Hardknott Pass maybe it’s a good job I wasn’t trying to ride around the Lakes. Well I’d have enjoyed it but I suspect my pillion would have been bounced nore than the balls at Wimbledon!
Anyway it’s a piping hot day so obviously it’s time to spray me with freezing cold water and then get me bright and sparkly after a good scrub with some nice soapy (and warm) water.
After that we go off for a little ride around Chorley and then call in to see David’s son at his home in Radcliffe. He’s very keen to have a ride on me but the insurance only allows David to ride me so that’s not going to happen. Home with 2437 miles.

Sunday 6th July
Off to Sudden for another IAM ride I hope and yes, we’re off with a Deauville for our route via Haslingden, Blackburn and back to Bury. It’s scorching hot today and we have a pleasant ride but it’d be nice to be able to have a bit of a blast and cool down. Have to go bacl and nearly done the 2,500 but I’m six miles short.
There’s some sort of sporting contest going on this afternoon with blokes who whack yellow/green balls at each other and for some reason, David’s going to watch that when we could be out and about. Still if it doesn’t drag on too long he’s going to take me out again later as his youngest daughter wants to go for a ride.
Lot of noise in the house as people seem to be shouting about some British bloke winning a tennis match. Come on it’s not as if Cal has won a MotoGP? Now that’d be something to shout about !
Anyway once they’ve all calmed down a stranger appears in the garage shortly followed by David and it seems I am going out again with him and his daughter. We have a ride over to Oswaldtwistle and then into the Forest of Bowland and there’s some beautiful sights as we pick some scenic routes and a lot of funny smells of various meats being cooked. A splash of sun and out the BBQ’s it seems. Not a lot of cars around not that many bikes either as we potter about and get home after notching up around 40 miles. Another convert to the joys of my comfy pillion seat methinks!

Thursday 11th July
It’s Thursday so must be a ride with the Kwacker and YES we’re off. The plan is to go to Richmond in North Yorks as it seems David wants to visit the Alt-Berg factory and maybe invest in some new boots. It’s a glorious day and we head off via a quick stop for the Kwacker to get some fuel in Haslingden but then things go a bit awry. We head straight across the M65 as we’re trying to keep to the country roads but there’s no Kwacker in my mirrors. We wait a while but nowt so we head back just to make sure all is ok but there’s nothing there, hmmm. Maybe they’ve gone on the M65 and they’ll wait at the end so we hit the Motorway but there’s no-one waiting at Colne so David leaves a voicemail for Mike and hopefully we’ll meet at Skipton.
Another check on the phone later but no joy so we head on up via Grassington to Leyburn then Richmond and what a glorious day it is for riding and what great roads these are. We find the Alt-berg factory, text Mike and find he did make it to Skipton but has now gone home, bummer!
After about half an hour, David comes out from the Factory Shop and stuffs a new boot into each of my panniers and we’re off again. We head off to Northallerton then a stop at Thornton-le-Moor at a pub as he’s got some friends there but unfortunately their not working this lunch-time. Onwards we go and our next stop is in Harrogate where I rest up while David has a cup of tea and a butty before we set off for home. I need to hustle a little as he’s out again at 4pm and it’s gone 2:30pm but we’re back with 10 minutes to spare and it’s been a great day out and now I’m up to 2717 miles.

Saturday 13th July
We’re off to the Triumph Open Day at Youles Blackburn and the Kwacker’s coming along as well. We get there and there’s a few of the TOMCC members around as well as some IAM members but they’re from the South Lancs Branch. We take a look at all the bikes and then decide it’s far too nice a day to stand around so it’s off to Gisburn and then Barrowford for a bit of a spin. Home with 2783 miles.

Sunday 14th July
Head off to the IAM (RAM Bikers) but there’s not a lot of Associates there so we volunteer to go for a bit of a ride and end up heading off to Settle. It’s yet another glorious day and there’s lots of bikes (both motor and pedal) around. We stop for a break in Settle and then take the Trough of Bowland route back home. I think they’re keen to get back to watch the MotoGP but why would you want to watch people rif=ding round the same few miles again and again when we could be soaking up the sun and this wonderful countryide. Ee there’s nowt so queer as folk! Anway we’re off again tomorrow for a meeting so I might just get to 3000 miles in 3 months, only 123 needed.

Monday 15th July
Well it was 3 months ago I was sat in Philip Youles showroom in Manchester wondering what was going to happen to such a special bike, wot I am of course and now I know. I’m having a pretty good time and getting ridden a fair bit though I’m a bit amazed that the temperature is still way over 21C again. If I’d wanted that sort of weather I’d have gone to Spain.
Anyway as promised we were off again this morning to a meeting at the Trafford Centre. When we got to the M66/M60 roundabout we spotted the Speed Triple from across the road, with Dave on board, so we followed them till the M602 junction when they split off. They were a little bit nimbler filtering through the slow moving traffic on the Motorway than we were able to manage but that was mainly due to one blindingly ignorant d***head in a truck who seemed to think he should drive with his wheels about 3” from the white line for a couple of miles whilst we were waiting to scoot past.
After our meeting we went off to deliver some documents in Wilmslow then headed back via Bury centre with a stop to get some tickets for a gig in November (by which time I’ll be gone….sob!). Not quite made the 3,000 miles but nearly as there’s 2955 on the dial.
As it’s been 3 months I thought I’d ask David to give you all a quick review of my many attributes and let you know what he thinks of me.
Afternoon all, David here:
Well I’ve been having a great time with KayPee although he does seem to think a lot of himself for someone with no stereo, no heated grips and a big arse!
But seriously I’ve been really pleased with my time with the big lump so far. KayPee handles really well for such a big bike, the seat and riding position are really comfortable and the gears are smoother than the Sprint. Although there’s ABS, I’d not felt that until this Sunday when a couple of sharp stops at low speed kicked it in but it does give some extra comfort knowing it’s there when riding in the wet. The little storage compartment in the fairing with the power socket is really useful for storing (and charging) my mobile and the adjustable screen means that I can ride with my visor open at speeds up to 50mph or even a bit more. Fuel consumption seems to be averaging around 55mpg which isn’t bad. We’re off to Wales with the missus for a couple of nights next week so we’re hoping this good weather continues and we’ll get a lot more miles on the clock and an even better test of his 2 up ability.

Sunday 21st July
Well the weather has been great but not for me as I’ve been stuck in the garage. Work has stopped us getting out during the week and then they went off for a couple of days this weekend without me so now I’m just getting all spruced up before we head off to Wales. Washed, tyres & oil checked and I’m ready to go.

Monday 22nd July
My panniers have been loaded and I think David is pleasantly surprised by just how much they’ve fitted in. It’s another scorcher although there’s rumours of rain coming soon. We set off just after midday and we’re not tanking it as I believe the idea is to do some sight-seeing. We take the M56 into Wales but rather than stay on the A55 we head along the Coast Road via Rhyl, Prestatyn, Abergele and arrive at the B&B about 4pm having covered about 100 miles. The owners let us into the back yard and I’m parked up for the night but I wish David hadn’t dripped all that sweat on me when he was undoing my panniers. There again my temperature gauge was showing 27-30C for most of the journey!

Tuesday 23rd July
No rain although the TV was talking about thunderstorms in England but not here. 
We’re off to Blaenau Festiniog on the A470, then head off towards Porthmadog where we hang a right and head into the Snowdonia National Park. There’s some fun roads here and we stop for a picture stop at one rather nice point but it’s still too warm for my riders to get off and go walkabout. We’re heading towards Betwys-y-coed but then hang a left on the A5 towards Bangor and stay on this till we get to the A55 and then head back to Llandudno so they can have a walk around the town and book somewhere to eat. Been a really nice 3 hours out and put about 90 miles on the clock.

Wednesday 24th July
Been a bit rainy early this morning but by the time we set off at 10:30am it’s cleared up and getting warm again. Today we’re heading home but we’re going to ride down to Llangollen so we can ride over Horseshow Pass and then head home as the Boss (oops the Missus I mean) has to go out later this afternoon. Topped up with some petrol, 16.5 litres filled the tank and then we’re on our way. Once again some spectacular scenery and we make it a non-stop trip and arrive home in Bury just before 2pm. 3286 clocked up now and we’re off again tomorrow with the Kwacker but he’s picking the route.

Thursday 25th July
It looks very overcast but it’s quite warm and where are we off to today then. Aaah, the map is out and we’re going to tour around the Ribble Valley and then back through Bowland………….and we’re off via a quick petrol top up in Haslingden.
The day’s brightening up as we head off into Whalley and hen I stop recognising the route but keep seeing signs for recognisable places, like Preston & Lancaster but we keep avoiding any major towns and we’re basically tootling along a lot of minor country roads and very nice it is too. Eventually we find ourselves in Caton, where we pullover so our riders can indulge themselves in a mug of tea and a bacon butty!
It seems David knows the route back from here, so we take the lead and head off home via Bentham and Slaidburn. It’s really warmed up now and we do seem to have seen an awful lot of hot and bothered cyclists on the road today. If you’ve got to be on 2 wheels it’s far better with 1215 cc to push you along guys!
Last part of the way back finds our route through Edgworth blocked by the police as something seems to have had a bit of an accident, looks like a trailer has come off or summat, so we have to turn round and back track a bit before making our way home. Still nearly 5 hours and 123 miles added. My turn to pick the route for next week.

Sunday 28th July
Off we go to the RAMBikers but when we get there it seems that we have a lot of Observers but very few Associates. Ah well, a few of us think it’ll be nice to go for a ride so we decide to head off to Slaidburn and off we go through the Trough of Bowland and stop in Slaidburn for a rest break before heading home. It’s not been a long trip but a very pleasant morning out.

Thursday 1st August
Well I thought we were meant to be going out yesterday but it seems that there was a change of plans, probably because it was p**ing down yesterday, though that doesn’t really bother me at all.
Anyway it’s looking a bit overcast early on but maybe it’ll turn out nice today and we’re going off to see some friends of David in Thornton-Le-Moor. We decide to go via a nice scenic route so we avoid the main roads as much as possible once we reach the A56/M65 Junction and head off to Barrowford. Then it’s onto Colne, Skipton via the old Colne road, onto Grassington, Pateley Bridge, Masham, Bedale, and by passing Northallerton before arriving at The Black Swan
It’s been warming up and it must be 24-25C by now, so I just stand there while David and his friends have lunch on the patio. By the time we need to set off (another tennis match I believe) the temperature is up to 28C+ and I can hear David cursing that he didn’t put on his leathers.
Anyway we stick to the main roads back via Ripon, Harrogate and then go over the hills at Gisburn down to Barrowford then back home. We get back about 3:30pm and there’s 3657 on the dial.

Saturday 3rd August
There’s an awful lot of flies, well dead flies anyway splattered all over me and as David puts me onto the Centre stand I guess I’m about to……………yep it’s that blasted cold water time again!
An hour or so later and I’m clean and shiny and ready to go but………no…….I’m going back into the garage, bah!

Sunday 4th August
It’s a bit late for the RAMBikers and we’re heading off in a different direction, hmm?
That’s funny there’s lots of RAMBikers here but we’re not at the usual meeting point in Sudden. It seems that we’re on a Rideout and we’re heading to Glasson Dock, so as I’m getting a bit more familiar with directions now, I guess we’ll be off through the Trough of Bowland again.
Wow there’s 16 bikes here and it’ll be interesting to see if we all arrive together. It’s an interesting ride and yes we go through the Trough, touching on Dunsop and Whitewell and we have a couple of short stops whilst we wait for the group to assemble but we all make the Dock, success.
We’re all making our own ways home but we join with 4 others and have a reasonably scenic route back rather than just hacking down the M6. We get back around 2pm and there’s now 3755 clocked up.

Tuesday 6th August
Just a short run today as we’ve popped over to Manchester to buy some tickets for a show and thanks to Manchester Council and their wonderful parking regulations, the easiest way to park is via me! No restrictions or paying for bikes on meters in Manchester.

Sunday 11th August
Another IAM run today and we’re observing. Fairly uneventful trip following a BMW F800 and home early. Thought we might be going out again as it’s quite a nice day but apparently there’s a party going on as David’s got a BIG birthday (whatever that means) so I’m stuck in here whilst everyone’s enjoying themselves.

Wednesday 14th August
Must have been a blooming good party if he couldn’t ride me till today. Never mind, we have an early evening run up to Settle and then back through Wigglesworth and the countryside towards Clitheroe before ending up at Blackburn where the East Lancs TOMCC are celebrating their 1st Anniversary.

There’s a competition going on for best bike but I think it’d be a bit unfair to all the others to enter, after all, it’s obvious who’s the best bike here IMHO.
Back just after 10pm and not too far to go to have 4k on the dial.

Thursday 15th August
We’re off again with the Kwacker and we’re going to have a ride to Southport. It’s looking rather dull as we set off and as the Kwacker needs some fuel we head off towards Bolton initially. Unfortunately he suddenly turns off unexpectedly and I have to loop round to find him and his need was obviously dire as he’s run out. Fortunately we’re right next to Asda’s so I follow him to the petrol station and he fills up. Strange that he only gets 15 litres in and thinks his tank has a 20L capacity (actually 19 I think!)
Still can’t compare with my 26 litres and the gauge and warning lights on me are pretty good but having said that we’ve never got more than 23 litres in yet and that’s when I’ve been on the yellow light and last bar for c. 50 miles! Better safe than sorry eh?
Anyway because of this we head off and the Kwacker’s leading. We don’t go quite the way I was expecting and have quite an unusual route via Darwen, Blackburn and towards Preston before eventually picking up the route to Southport. We have a small incident along the way when we glide past an old style Mini-Cooper who’s driver is clearly a nob who doesn’t like being passed as a bit later on he comes flying past us at 50-60mph which would be fine if it were not for the fact that we’re in a built up 30mph zone!
Once we reach Southport we find it’s quite busy as the Flower Festival is on so we don’t stop but instead head off back towards Preston, looking out for somewhere to give our riders a drink.
The day has turned out quite nice and bright and temperatures consistently over the 20C mark and we get back to Blackburn before pulling over while the boys get a rest stop and refreshments.
Heading back via the M65, A56 with a little blast along the twisty Helmshore to Holcombe road get us back a bit before 3pm and after my four months with David, I’ve now got a bit over 4,000 miles showing. Don’t think we’re going to use up the full 8,000 miles allowed before I have to return to Triumph but I hope we’re going to have a good try!

Sunday 18th August
Well it’s a lot nicer today than yesterday. As David’s pulled a calf muscle playing tennis I thought we’d be out and about but it absolutely p****d it down and neither of us felt like venturing out. Anyway it’s a bit dull this morning but hopefully it’ll brighten up and we’re off to the RAMBikers again. There’s a lot of Observers here today but not so many Associates and we get the morning off so 6 of us set off for a morning trip to Rivington Barn. It’s not a long run but it’s a pleasant cross country trip and brightened up immensely as the Bennett’s girls are there handing out goodies when we arrive. For some strange reason , David doesn’t get them to sit on me and pose! Those girls look good but they’d look even better near me 
Anyway after a short stop while they all get summat to eat and drink, we set off back and we’re back around 1pm after a stop to fill the tank. I’ve done about 245 miles since the last stop and still only get under 22 litres in so my fuel consumption is pretty good for a big boy eh?

Monday 19th August
Off again? That’s unusual for a Monday. Well we head into Manchester and I park up near Piccadilly Station. Big advantage being on 2 wheels is I can park in the metered parking spaces for free!
It seems David had a meeting with his Financial Advisor for a general review. I think he was finding out whether he can afford to buy me in a couple of months but maybe that depends whether Triumph want me back or would rather keep us together as we make such a nice couple! Maybe that nice marketing manager, Andrea will make David an offer he can’t refuse!