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The Wind and Rain

Bit deflated this week unfortunately my SS1000 I mentioned last week didn’t happen, I left home on this ride at 2.45am Sunday everything seemed fine but within 10 miles off joining the M6 going north, I was in torrential rain and gusty winds. The rain and winds came and went but started getting worse the more north I went. I carried on thinking it would get better, bad idea.

On the A9 north of Perth the road resembled a river and winds were making it dangerous. On one up hill left hand bend the wind got under the bike causing me to end up on the wrong side of the road just short of the edge of the road when I gained control. Stopping shortly after this incident I made the decision to stop the ride and wait for safer conditions, so I turned around and went to a cafe which I passed earlier for breakfast.

The long distance riding community promote safe riding, it is often said “it’s easy to carry on, much harder to decide to stop”. I can testify to that statement, these rides are a test but I do them because I enjoy the ride, this time there was no enjoyment in this ride.

The ride home was even more wet and windy but guess what it was more fun.

Any way some good came from the ride, I used a pair of Triumph Bright Gloves RRP £80.00 and Triumph Performance Socks RRP£20.00. Both these items use OUTLAST which is a material that absorbs body heat then releases it as the body cools, it works and the gloves are waterproof. Nice to see products do what they claim. So if you are looking for a treat or a present I would recommend either.

Wulstan Melling
Aftersales Manager
Youles Motorcycles Blackburn

“all great journeys, start with a single step”