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Thought its about time I updated the old blogg well theres been loads happening been on a family holliday during which I read Allan Wheelans BREW HA HA . Seems funny reading about yourself sort of surreal. Thinking I dont say things like ”Itl be reight” then hearing yourself saying it moments latter. But what a good book really well written and one of those that I couldnt put down. All about his journey from Lancashire to the Southern Cape of Africa and the amazing people he met. Well done Allan I hope it sells well and at £7.99 available on Amazon and in W H Smiths it should be reight.

As the Manchester show was cancelled due to the snow the re schedualed date was now over the easter weekend. Peter and the team did a stirling job paticularly as the Triumph Trailer had been pre booked for the BSB. This makes the job even harder but judjing by the leads generated and the general reaction the event was a rip roaring success.

Had the big ride out my mate Mick videoed the start and I will be posting that on the webb site soon. Have counted 142 setting off all enjoying the glorious weather. Certainly the hot pot went down well for all those who retuned to the shop. We ordered 100 portions expecting that to be more than sufficient but I think we let down about four people to whom I am sorry. But all in all it wasnt a bad bit of mass catering and good to see so many regular faces.

This weekend coming thats Sunday the 25th is the ride safe back safe event on central car park Blackpool hoping this good weather holds and another event should be under way. I am an avid supoter of the Ride Safe back safe thing and advocate reponsible riding within the law. This is the first time we have attended this event and am keen to see how they get the message accross. Doing many miles on all sorts of bike every year I am a firm believer that observation is the key to staying alive. This is obviously difficult to train and police. Where as speeding noisy cans and reg plates that fall outside the letter of the law are easy targets. Unfortunatly when being stopped for speeding and I was in Mrs Youlses car ( you can imagine the stick ) years of accident free motoring were’nt taken into consideration.

Anyway please come along enjoy and above all be safe.