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Gosh blogg time just seems to fly by theres so much happening the first few Thunderbirds have now been delivered to there new owners who all seem made up with them . Manchester store are selling a steady stream of new Triumphs and the initial teething problems are ironing themselves out . The last week or so the showroom traffic has reduced probably due to the holliday season but thats given us a bit of time to look at other things hence the blogg. Warren is organising a trip to the Bonneville 5oth anniversary celebrations now that should be a good bash anyone whoes interested contact either us or Warren and we will link you up. Just about to take delivery of some Osset trials bikes what on earth are they I hear you ask. Well having two young children and always looking at new technologies etc I was recomended these by a good freind of mine who has a couple of shops in London. Basically they are an electric childs trials bike the advantages being they are extremely quiet and light so they can be ridden without the normal complaints from neighbours etc. Even in a moderate bach garden in a built up area. They can be use by four year olds and upwards infact my mate George had a couple in Hyde park and the wardens didnt know what to make of them. Im not condoning these antics just demonstrating there social acceptance. Being electric you dont need to start them believe me theres nothing worse than your kid dissapearing off into the distance then tipling off the bike, not being able to start it then all you here are cries of DAAAD DAAAD . The technology intrests me and they will come weather you like it or not. The electric TT was quite amasingto watch and I have heard rumors of an electric Vespa. I will keep you up to speed on this and maybe even post a short film of my kids testing them out.

The Triumph clothing sale has got off to an amazing start some of the stuff is just so cheap. We have managed to replenish some stocks so worth a phone call or visist for anyone intrested. Hopefully some good weather on its way for the back end but hey I do more miles in winter than summer love those cold dry days where you can wrap up warm and it wont be long now.