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Before writing this I looked back at the last Blogg and gosh what a lot happened life seems to move at a hell of a rate nowadays. Left my mobile at home today, when I picked it up tonight there were eight missed calls four text messages and six answer phone messages. Not bad considering very few people even have my mobile number. Quite a lot of it was to do with the new Manchester Store we should put a spade in the ground early October.Possibly time for some sort of birthing ceremony smoke a big cigar or something but then theres bound to be some sort of site rule that you cant smoke a cigar in case the digger ruptures a gas main. Anyway I dont smoke and cant see me starting now seems a bit late for skulking round the back of the bike shed.

Once we start building I want to create some sort of picture logg of the build and will definitly keep you as up to date as possible. At the moment we are schedualing for an April handover. We then will have to carry out all the internal fit. Should be fun and just in time for some nice stuff coming from Hinkley.
Talking of which anyone who went to Triumph Live and (thanks to the folks who rode down with me) I think a cracking time was had by all. The new Adventure bikes were there and I am sure they will be a well earned success. Anyone who didnt see Anna ( our clothing girl at Blackburn )on the wheelie machine I will try and get the video. She did really well. Perfect balance and exceptional throttle control. Enjoyed the time line and the bands were great. Anyone who has there ear to the ground will may be aware that Tui Mantoni is to leave Triumph. Tui has been a major driving force in the re building of the Hinkley business and we are all glad that he will be staying on as a non ex Director. The intresting point is that the man Mr Bloor has been grooming his successor for some time. His son Nick is to become CEO. Now by all accounts Nick has really had to prove himself and is highly respected within Triumph. He is as far from the typical spoilt owners bratt as you could get. Apparently at Triumph live he spent the day working as a bus conductor collecting the factory tour tickets. Now I suspect if you want to be close to your customers what better way to do it. Nick if you read this well done and all the best with your new role.
We have two new team members in Manchester Steve is to help the workshop lads with van driving valleting and relieve them of some of the general running about duties. Also Jason is to help Garry on the service counter thus relieving Peter for more of the day to day management. Rachel is leaving the business after ten and a half years of loyal service and we wish her all the best with her future. I am sure we will keep in touch.
Mick Carter has been eying up some Rizoma products and we have now taken delivery of our first batch. To say its stunning stuff is an understatement. We will be dressing a Street Triple up and displaying it in the Blackburn store but I have to say the quality and Italian style is just superb.
The nights are drawing in but to be honest I do more riding in winter than summer its a time thing. We will start our winter servicing campaign in November so if you can take advantage save yourself a few bob and keep riding theres gold in them ther hills.