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A Bit Behind with my Blogg

Well so much for updating my blog as often as promised. I really don’t know where time goes this year has just been mental its gone from snow to sun and we have just been flat out. In the meantime we have taken small bike Aprilia on in Manchester and this has really been good for us. Both stores have had really brisk sales of used bikes and I do worry about supply of good used stock. As we often say you cant sell empty spaces. So much stuff is going oversees now the Germans Poles and even buyers from the far East have been keen to cherry pick prime stock. This is making that clean used bike ever more desirable, if you see the one you want then snooze and you loose. The bike you are looking at today and are coming back to buy tomorrow, somebody else was looking at the day before and is coming back to buy today.

Triumph seem to be going from strength to strength and I believe they have started to build their new factory in India. On an even more positive note it seems some production is now coming back to the UK thus allowing the factory to react quickly to market demand. I know they have been caught out on several occasions as the lead times on bikes built in Thailand is just to long. As there global market share grows then the ability to supply from different hubs must be an advantage and really cement them as a global brand.
On a personal note I usually do a bit more riding for pleasure in the latter half of the year and am sure to get out a bit more over the coming weeks. Have enjoyed the weather though and long may it continue