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Triumph and GORE-TEX - A Winning Team!

As British riders, whether you’re a commuter or prefer the fairer weather, we always need to look for one thing in our gear – WATERPROOFING! Because who hasn’t been caught out by a downpour in the middle of a ride when the forecast said sunny? Now you needn’t look further than Triumph’s new line for Spring Summer ’18, as they’ve teamed with the gods of waterproofing, Gore-Tex. So what makes this different to any other biking gear that boasts Gore-Tex? The new Triumph Clothing doesn’t just feature Gore-Tex, it’s licensed by Gore-Tex – the only motorcycle brand to be so!

The make-up of all the gear is filled with the best names in protection, from Kevlar to D30, so as well as the breathable and durable Gore-Tex, you’re also getting a lot of protection which is the aim of the game

Malvern Jacket and Malvern Trousers – This is the boss of the range when it comes to climate readiness. A three-layer textile jacket, with a strengthened Gore-Tex Pro fabric outer layer. Strengthened how? With ARMACOR – a structure of Cordura and Kevlar. The jacket includes D30 Shoulder, Elbow, AND Back protectors, and the trousers have D30 knee and hip protectors, all of which are removable. Each zip is water repellent, and sleeves are adjustable for a better fit, all adding to the overall waterproofing of the gear.

What makes the jacket a standout piece for us is the adaptable nature of it. A softshell inner can be removed to make this jacket more suited for warmer weather, but the soft shell is a jacket in itself! Brilliantly practical for long days out if you don’t fancy wearing your whole jacket around the place. As well as that there’s an additional storm collar which can be added and removed as needed depending on the weather conditions, and it’s fully vented so allow top-notch air flow through the jacket when it’s needed.

Brecon Jacket and Brecon Trousers – If you’re not one for tackling the arctic tundra, the Brecon series might be more your bag. The more lightweight of this season’s new ranges, it still sports the water repellent zips, storm cuffs at the wrists, and full venting throughout, as well as shoulder and elbow protectors in the jacket, and hip and knee protectors in the trousers; all D30 and all removable. The primary difference with the Brecon is that it’s the liners that are waterproof, not the outers. This isn’t uncommon with motorcycle gear, but what sets it apart is the 3 Layer Gore-Tex technology and the fact the jacket liner can be worn as a jacket in its own right, just like the Malvern.

What we like about the Brecon is that it isn’t trying to be the Malvern. It’s a jacket in its own right with different priorities for a different type of rider - a rider who isn’t going to be tackling the harsh British winters, but isn’t going to be deterred by the April Showers (that inevitably extend to May, June, and July showers!)

Snowdon Jacket and Snowdon Trousers – For a more tailored cut, we have the Snowdon set. Again, a set in its own right the liners are fixed in place, unlike the Malvern and the Brecon, but those liners are still the same Gore-Tex Z membrane. It also carries the same water repellent zips and full D30 removable armour (shoulders, back, and elbows for the jacket; hip and knee for trousers), and the outer fabric is Texland. Now don’t worry they haven’t skimped out on the ladies jacket, Texland is the company that produces Cordura fabric. The Snowdon range also boasts a stretch Texland fabric at the crotch and knee on the trousers and the inner arm of the jacket for flexible movement.

The jacket is also fully vented for premium airflow across the body when it’s needed, and has sleeve adjustment at the upper arm, wrist, and waist for maximum fit, and therefore maximum protection.

Peak Gloves – Now all this waterproof gear isn’t worth much if you’re hands are wet, which is where the Peak gloves come in. Carrying the same Gore-Tex Z layer membrane as the rest of the range, you’re also treated to a long faux-fur lining for added warmth and pre-curved fingers for a better fit. Now when it comes to your gloves, whether you're a Sleeve In or Sleeve Out kind of person, you’re going to be pretty well catered for as these gloves have two level of adjustment – wrist and cuff! As well as an additional zip on the top of the glove for added versatility.

As important as comfort is, the name of the game is always protection and Triumph have played a winning hand continuing with the integration of D30 knuckle protection in the gloves. The palms are also goat leather, giving you full protection should the worst happen. An added finishing ‘touch’ to the gloves is the index finger; made with “conductive technology” meaning you can operate a smartphone-style screen through your gloves! So you can reset your SatNav, even after you’ve geared up (though never whilst riding, of course)

All in it’s a good-looking range, and it’s easy to forget that it is all styled with reflective strips for added visibility. It’s been said that “The crossover between sports clothing and fashion is becoming increasingly important” (Miriam Moran – Head of Fabric Sales and Marketing, Gore-Tex) and it’s great to see a range where function has been married with style so well.

Speaking of the marriage of function and style, we must give an Honourable Mention to the Raven GTX Jacket and Raven GTX Gloves.

While the Raven GTX duo isn’t in the new SS18 Adventure Range they most certainly should be included here as, believe it or not, the GTX stands for Gore-Tex. Yes, that’s right, Triumph has produced a Waterproof Leather riding jacket. Fitted with the same Gore-Tex Z Liner membrane, and D30 Elbow, Shoulder, and Back protectors as the Malvern, Brecon, and Snowdon kits, the Raven GTX is a showcase in finding class in function, from the quilted shoulders down to subtle styling points of embossed brass snap fasteners. Keeping it practical, the jacket is fitted with air vents to keep the flow around the body, and storm cuffs to keep the air where we want it. The gloves are full leather, with adjustable wrists and cuffs. Also, just like the Peak Gloves, the index fingers are made with material so you can use a smartphone like screen without having to take your gloves off! (Again, never while riding)

Now if that isn’t a perfect mix of style and function we’re not sure what is!