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The Distinguished Gentelmans Ride Write Up

Saturday night I set the alarm for 6.30 now that's just fifteen minutes later than me normal up time. So predictable as ever me body clock kicked in and at 6.15 I was awake and thinking yes today is the day. I had arranged my wardrobe so as I would have everything to hand and not be panicking about where me cravat was. The kids and Louise all rose soon after me and with a hearty portion of porridge we all jumped in the van. On arrival at Media city it seemed obvious that we weren’t all going to fit outside the Costa coffee. So the sensible thing was to assemble on Booths car park. We could all be seen here from the road. I must admit that when I organised the event I was thinking if we managed to get twenty or thirty people out of bed on a Sunday morning and togged up we would have done very well. How wrong can you be. On the day I recon we had a good eighty participants. What an eclectic bunch of bikes everything from Triumph bobbers, Matchless Norton BMW an unusual Z550 and a few Hinkley Triumph specials. It was good to see so many familiar faces including Steve Moore, newly promoted head of after sales of Triumph fame. A lovely W650 Suzuki with GT750 Kettle wheels and a pair of Ohlins shocks grafted in just looked the business. Someone brought Distinguished Gentlemen Cup cakes, which were fantastic, a big thank you to whoever made them what a monumental effort.

We all departed as the clock struck 10.30 hrs - Gentlemen are punctual. The ride into town was just fantastic, the noise, the theatre, the spectacle. Everyone grinning from ear to ear. Traffic stopped pedestrians gawped people took photographs. I believe one woman even jumped out of a taxi and had the driver take pictures of her stood next to the bikes as they passed by. Her meter gently ratcheting up as he snapped away. Well it’s not every day you see eighty or so people dressed in dapper clothing and riding motorcycles. We kept stopping and I probably didn’t go much over 15 miles per hour but it’s very difficult to keep all those bikes together maybe next year I’ll perfect the map, simplify the ride and have more gathering points. But I’ve never done this before so for a first effort it wasn’t bad. Who cares anyway we were all having a spiffing time and surely that's what matters. We rode up, down and around getting loads of waves with much tooting of horns. The Manchester plod gave me a wave of approval and I nodded back, good job me bike's taxed ! Eventually we ended up at the science museum to be fair there were too many bikes to be congregating here.

There aren't many places you can assemble eighty odd bikes in Manchester City Centre, it’s not really designed for it. Anyway the duty manager was really cool, but I could see we really were best to move on so to Dukes 92 we went. This was a brilliant location with all the industrial heritage, a cool setting with the canal lock running past the restaurant. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing with everyone mingling, a bit of pipe smoking and moustache envy going on. It would be knocking on the door of mid afternoon before we eventually departed and I have to say what an event. Thanks again to all that took part and if you want to donate then please visit the DGR web site. I believe to date we have raised £6163 and still counting. Well done chaps.