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Up bright and early with a bit of trepidation as I put my name down for the advanced group. Not really sure of my riding abilities. Yea I can ride a bike and do, a lot. But never raced never won anything. So will I be ok. Our group is being led by Woody an ex racer and factory tester. Gary Johnson TT racer. You know at this stage it's going to be a quick day ! We set off and I am on the Street Triple 765 RS first. What a bike. It just ticks all the boxes and within 500 yards I'm in the swing of it. We don't waste any time as soon as the tyres are warm we are off making good pace. The first thing I like is the self cancelling indicators. The new thin film transistor (TFT) dash is really good to read and switching the Rider modes a doodle. The menu is just controlled with a joy stick that is extremely user friendly. The roads are fantastic and we really crack on. The Street is really easy just sticking to the road it just goes round the corners like it's on rails. The extra power makes it such a good bike. I don't want to give it up. But I'm itching to try everything and soon enough we stop for coffee and the chance to change bikes.

Next up the Street Scrambler this is the 900cc liquid cooled engine and although I'm pushing it hard it copes extremely well. The power is all torque and the nineteen inch front wheel behaves far better than expected. I would have like to have taken it off road because I'm sure it would work really well. I kept the Scrambler till lunch which was served at the Bull Ring in Rhonda. Apparently the oldest Bull ring in Spain.

After Launch the Street Cup. Now where does this bike sit? Small Thruxton. Cafe Classic. Small sports bike. Answer - it does the lot. We were cracking on and yep the Street had the edge but it didn't really get away. I've no doubt Woody who was leading on a 1200 Explorer could have put some distance between us. But there is often a car that requires a bit of clear road to overtake so I can just about keep the pace. But I do enjoy it they have really sorted the chassis. There is none of that weave at high speed that you could get on the old Thruxton and T 100. The ride we have done was a figure of eight so we end up back at the same coffee spot in the afternoon.

Then it's the mighty Bobber. Really this isn't the sort of riding you would ever do on a Bobber so I hold back a bit and try to experience it as it should be ridden. It surprises me the power is fantastic loads of grunt and for me it's comfortable. The seat is adjustable so it must have been set up for some one my build. If I have a criticism it's possibly the front brake but in reality it's a cruiser and it's far better than most Harley front brakes I've ridden so that certainly wouldn't put me off. The Bobber just oozes coolness it looks amazing and I'm sure that it's one of those bikes where you would look at your reflection in a shop window and feel really good about yourself.

All four bikes are just so good they each top their segment. Triumph have got this job so sorted they are almost making it look easy and easy it is not. I'm extremely privileged to have come out here and had to pinch myself as to how lucky I am. But we do have these bikes on demo so there is no reason why you can't do the same on the lovely roads back home. I've just looked at the weather and there are a few sunny day s coming up so get a demo booked and enjoy.